Hi friends, I started a monthly newsletter— the Purveyor of Curiosities!

Here, you will receive:

  • Updates on new blog posts for that month with short commentaries.
  • Random wonders and interesting curiosities that you’ll like!
  • Things I’ve listened, watched, and read that you’ll definitely adore!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why start a newsletter? I like to keep my blog focused on technology, machine learning, and open source. I occasionally talk about games, but that’s just mostly it. A newsletter allows me to share you other wonders and trinkets I’ve found in the interwebs!

  • Why Purveyor of Curiosities? I’ve been fascinated with nostalgia shops since college. Some highlights of my early years include UVLA & Studio Soup in Cubao Expo and the flea markets in Lille. I relish the idea of discovery and serendipitous encounters— and I’d like to share that experience with you!

  • Will you migrate your content to Substack? Nope! I love the homegrown feel of my blog so I will always keep my content free and open source. I tried Mailchimp but it’s complicated. I checked tinyletter but it’s not being updated. Substack is simple and clean. I’ll only use Substack as a newsletter, and I’ll still keep writing content here.

  • So I am just going to hear from you monthly, right? Yes! I’d like to keep the pace slow for a bit so that I can give you high-quality content. In the event that I decided to increase the frequency (i.e., monthly to biweekly), then I’ll let you know so you can decide to keep your subscription.