Lj Miranda | A collection of notes, projects, and essays.

Hi! I'm Lj Miranda, and welcome to my website!

I'm a predoctoral researcher at the AllenNLP team at AI2. Previously, I was a machine learning engineer at Explosion working on spaCy.

I'm broadly interested in building equitable language technologies in the presence of severe data and compute constraints. I'm happy to discuss research and collaborate, so feel free to reach out!


Recent Posts

  • How to set up Git and SSH when your org has enforced SAML SSO

    While cloning a repository from an organization, I encountered an SSH error that I've never seen before. It's something related to SAML SSO. I managed to solve it, so I'm documenting the steps here. Hope it helps you too!

  • Visualizing Tagalog NER embeddings

    Lately, I've been thinking a lot about visualizing datasets, and good old-fashioned t-SNE embeddings came to mind. In this blog post, indulge me as I examine a "data map" of our Tagalog NER dataset.

  • Do large language models work on Tagalog?

    Large language models showed promise on structured prediction tasks like named entity recognition and text categorization. But how well do they perform when presented with Tagalog text? In this blog post, I'll share some of my preliminary benchmarking results.