Hi! I'm Lj Miranda, and welcome to my blog!

I'm currently a member of the spaCy team at Explosion. My hobbies include game development, and taking photos with my Game Boy Camera.

In this blog, I write about my interests in natural language processing, MLOps, and games—so grab a cup of coffee and feel free to look around!


Recent Posts

  • Thinking with pen and paper

    With the world inundated with productivity apps, it feels nice to return to the tried and tested pen-and-paper methods. In this blog post, I'll share my analog "tools for thought" and talk about why I prefer them over digital ones.

  • Your train-test split may be doing you a disservice

    Have you ever encountered a problem where your model works well in your test set but doesn't perform well in the wild? It's likely because your test set does not reflect the reality of your domain, overestimating our model's performance. In this blog post, I'll discuss alternative ways to split data and examine their effect on named-entity recognition (NER) benchmarks.

  • spaCy Internals: Spancat architecture walkthrough

    This blog post illustrates how spaCy's registry system works by walking through the process of initializing a spancat pipeline. Read this if you're curious about what happens when you run 'spacy train'!