Hi friends! My name is Lj Miranda, and welcome to my website!

I build things.

I started this site to tell the story of my tech journey. I believe in technology that is open, enabling, and life-giving. I aspire to usher that potential—even for just a tiny bit. But, there is still a long way to go, and this site records my progress.

Here, you’ll find some of my thoughts, works, and notes on software development, machine learning, and research. I hope you’ll spend a nice time here, so go grab yourself a coffee and feel free to look around!

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I’m a Machine Learning Engineer at Explosion. I help develop spaCy and related open-source projects. Previously, I’ve worked for some machine learning startups such as:

  • Thinking Machines Data Science (Manila): a data science consultancy where I built multiple natural language processing products for large enterprises, including a search engine, an industry classifier, and a document processing system to name a few.

  • Preferred Networks (Tokyo): as an intern, where I implemented a training parallelization framework for ChainerRL, an open-source reinforcement learning library.

I obtained my master’s degree from Waseda University and my bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering, minor in Philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University. My research interests include machine learning systems design and natural language processing.

Lastly, I’m well-involved in open-source and have authored several projects of my own. Pyswarms has been quite successful; I’ve seen it being used in quantum physics, chemistry, and teaching, amongst other things. I love indie games and dabble in game development using Pico-8 and Godot.

Short background
Lj Miranda specializes in natural language processing with over five years of experience in consulting, open-source development, and research. He has maintained notable open-source libraries such as spaCy and Pyswarms. He dabbles in game development during his free time.


Lester James V. Miranda
Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: ljvmiranda [at] gmail [dot] com
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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