Hi friends, my name is Lj Miranda and welcome to my blog!

I build things.

I started this site to tell the story of my tech journey. I believe in technology that is open, enabling, and life-giving. I aspire to usher that potential—even for just a tiny bit. There is still a long way to go, and this site records my progress.

Here, you’ll find some of my thoughts, works, and notes on software development, systems, machine learning, and research. I hope that you’ll spend a nice time here, so go grab yourself a cup of coffee and feel free to look around!

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I’m currently taking some time-off to rest, refresh, and recharge.

Prior to that, I’ve worked for some machine learning startups such as:

  • Thinking Machines Data Science (Manila), where I built multiple natural-language processing and computer-vision ML products such as a search engine, an industry classifier, and a document OCR system to name a few.
  • Preferred Networks (Tokyo) as an intern, where I implemented a training parallelization framework for ChainerRL, an open-source reinforcement learning library.

I obtained my master’s degree from Waseda University and my bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering, minor in Philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University. My research interests include machine learning systems design, natural-language processing, and artificial life.

Lastly, I’m well-involved in open-source and have authored several projects of my own. Pyswarms has been quite successful, I’ve seen it being used in quantum physics, chemistry, and teaching amongst other things. I love indie games and dabble in game development using Pico-8 and Godot.

I am currently unreachable
You can still send me an email via ljvmiranda [at] gmail [dot] com, but don't expect a quick reply. I don't foresee anything urgent in the coming months.


Lester James V. Miranda
Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: ljvmiranda [at] gmail [dot] com
Contact: (+63) 905 258 1624
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