Mindfulness throughout the day

Burnout Barometer is a simple Slack tool to log, track, and assess you or your team’s stress and work life.

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Burnout Barometer functions as a Slack application where you log your current mood:

All logs are then stored in a database like PostgreSQL or BigQuery that you set up. With that said, you own your own data and it’s not shared to other entities or organizations.


The Barometer is first and foremost a personal tool. I made it to meet specific needs that works for me. However, I’m releasing it in public with the hope that other people will find this useful as much as I did. These tools may not work for you, but I’ll try my best so that you can also set-up the Barometer easily as any other open-source code.


I’m open-sourcing the Barometer to encourage myself to write and deliver quality software. I admit that my Golang and schema design skills aren’t topnotch, so if you find any code smells, bugs, or incorrect practices, please feel free to create an Issue or make a Pull Request in the Github page. I will also appreciate if you can suggest features that you would like the Barometer to have, it would be nice to build this project together!


As you will see later on, the Barometer requires a PostgreSQL database (or BigQuery) to house collected data. That dataset is yours. You set-up your own database instance and manage your own machine. I do all of these inside Google Cloud Run, but you can do it in any platform of your choice (or perhaps even in a Raspberry Pi!).