Last night, I gave a talk about Geomancer in Databeers Manila. It was a great night! I was able to share one of my works in Thinking Machines and talk more about my passion in open-source.

The Databeers format is really interesting. We’re not encouraged to show code nor equations in our slides, else we need to chug down a bottle of beer! Unfortunately, my topic is about a Python library, and so my demo slide “merited” a chug in front of the audience!

I definitely enjoyed the whole thing!

The best part about Databeers is the community. It was awesome meeting old friends and new, and talk about data over beer!

Will definitely come back for more! Thanks to Erika, Chris, and Gino for organizing the Databeers!

You can find my slides here. For more information, check Geomancer’s github page.